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Custom VM type OR VCPU quota increase for wikifunctions
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Project Name: wikifunctions
Type of quota increase requested: custom VM type or additional VCPU to utilize RAM quota
Amount to increase: a custom VM type that has 4 VCPUs and 16 GB of RAM or 4 additional VCPUs
Reason: We received a quota increase in T335598; however, we aren't able to use all of the RAM we were allocated due to the available VM types. To use this RAM we either need additional vCPUs or a custom VM type. Our current project is memory bottle-necked on memory, not processing power, so we do not really need more processing power, so please do whatever is easiest/best for you.

Please and thank you. <3

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Increasing the CPU count seems fine. Let me see if I can get a +1

openstack quota set --cores 16 wikifunctions