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Article feedback extension at ml.wikipedia
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Article feedback extension may please be enabled at ml.wikipedia. It may also be noted that an option is required to enable this function on some selected articles in the wiki.

Link of discussion at localwiki:

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Adding Fabrice Florin, product manager for Editor Engagement features. From what I know, ArticleFeedback (aka AFTv4) deployments are no longer encouraged. There is now ArticleFeedbackv5, but I don't know the requirements for getting that deployed on wikis other than English language Wikipedia.

Fabrice: Any general opinion / recommendation on deploying AFT on production wikis that you could share with us?

At this point, I would not recommend deploying AFT5 on other production wikis, except for testing purposes. We are planning a big push on final feature development this month, and it would seem premature to deploy this beta version until it is complete. Better to wait a couple months and have a final version that we can support.

viswaprabha wrote:

I would like to know what happened to this bug!
What happened to the big push?

There is a discussion in bug 61163 on whether small wikis should be allowed to use or test ArticleFeedback; your views are welcome.

(In reply to vssun from comment #4)

As per later discussions at local wiki, the Article feedback extension may
be enabled on all articles.

Please see the discussion link below:

Thanks. The ArticleFeedback (so called AFTv4) extension, requested in the linked discussion, was retired from Wikimedia wikis. I'm sorry for the lack of clarity in the comments above, there was a sort of limbo with the AFTv4->AFTv5 passage, but you would have needed a new discussion for its successor ([[mw:Extension:ArticleFeedbackv5]], only 58 % translated to ml) so I'm closing this one now. If one such discussion takes place, feel free to file a new bug, but I don't want to illude you: it's unlikely to be satisfied.