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A certain text substitution does not work (e.g. in Enotif message text)
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Using E-mail notification of
CVS HEAD of today, ENotif e-mails are sent out which are not correctly composed
(in a certain line), see

example of a WRONG ENOTIF MAIL:
for all changes since "


A two-level string substitution is needed, which were lost by the CVS commit in

TO FIX THIS, please change in UserMailer.php (add one line)

  1. regarding the use of oldid as an indicator for the last visited version, see also
    1. "Delete + undelete cycle

doesn't preserve old_id"

  1. However, in the case of a new page which is already watched, we have no

previous version to compare

		if( $article->mOldid ) {
			$keys['$NEWPAGE'] = wfMsg( 'email_notification_lastvisitedrevisiontext' );
			$keys['$OLDID']   = $article->mOldid;
		} else {
			$keys['$NEWPAGE'] = wfMsg( 'email_notification_newpagetext' );
			# clear $OLDID placeholder in the message template
			$keys['$OLDID']   = '';

LINE 271:

		$body = strtr( $body, $keys );  // <<<<<---- ADD THIS HERE

		$pagetitle = $article->mTitle;

Please can anyone of the core developers add the indicated line in
UserMailer.php , thanks

Tom aka Wikinaut

  • for ENotif

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: normal


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