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Section-level images: Improvements for add caption onboarding
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In T335228 we replicated the existing implementation from add image due to time constraints.

This task covers improvements to onboarding, including switching to GuidedTour for desktop, in the hopes that more editors will complete the task if we are able to clearly direct them to the next step. (In add an image funnel analysis, this is the step in which most users bounce).

User story & summary:

As a logged in newcomer, I want to see caption onboarding that helps me write a good caption for the image, because a caption is needed to complete the task.

Background & research:

Structured tasks break down editing workflows into a series of steps that newcomers can accomplish easily. Newcomer tasks increase newcomer activation (+11.6%), which flows on through to increased retention (1). Initial data shows that structured tasks help improve activation and retention even further (2).



Desktop Figma designs

  • Uses Extension:GuidedTour instead of tooltip
  • As with task onboarding, the single step caption has a “Don’t show this again” checkbox, which opens the onboarding each time until it is checked.

Write a caption onboarding.png (900×1 px, 279 KB)

Acceptance Criteria:

Given I'm completing a section-level "add an image" task,
When I get to the caption stage,
Then I see caption onboarding

Given I select "Don't show this again" or "Don't show again",
When I complete another section-level image suggestion.
Then I don't see this caption onboarding again.