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Performance review of RealMe
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The RealMe extension allows users to specify a list of URLs that will, when used on their user page, have a matching link rel="me" tag added to the document head. We would like to deploy this extension to production wikis.

Preview environment

The extension can be tested on all beta cluster wikis. It is currently in use on my user page:

Which code to review

The extension code is in a single Gerrit repo: There are no other dependencies besides MediaWiki core itself.

Performance assessment
  • What work has been done to ensure the best possible performance of the feature?
    • No specific optimization work has been performed. The code has been written and reviewed by developers experienced with writing code used on Wikimedia production systems and their specific performance needs.
  • What are likely to be the weak areas (e.g. bottlenecks) of the code in terms of performance?
    • The extension queries the user preferences table on all user page pageviews (in the form of SELECT up_property,up_value FROM user_properties WHERE up_user = ?, this comes from UserOptionsManager). This query is well-indexed on the user_properties table so I do not believe there would be a significant advantage if the preference value or the list of 'verified' links would be cached somewhere else.
  • Are there potential optimisations that haven't been performed yet?
    • See above.
  • Please list which performance measurements are in place for the feature and/or what you've measured ad-hoc so far. If you are unsure what to measure, ask the Performance Team for advice:
    • I have measured ad-hoc the number of new database queries this extension adds, and the singular user_properties query mentioned above is the only one.