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In Edits tab, don't show blocked message unnecessarily
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At the moment, we perform a check for whether the user is currently blocked on their home wiki, or on Wikidata, or on Commons. And if any of those are blocked, we show a disturbingly ominous (and sometimes incorrect?) message, and prevent access to the Suggested Edits feature.

Instead of doing it that way, let's modify it to be the following logic:

  • Continue performing a block check, but don't show the message preemptively on the Edits tab (and don't hide the "stats" counters on that screen)
  • If we detect that the user is blocked on Wikidata (or blocked on enwiki in the English case), then hide the entry point for the description-editing workflow.
  • If we detect that the user is blocked on Commons, then hide caption-editing and depicts-editing.

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Dbrant triaged this task as Medium priority.