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Section-Level Images: filtering "add an image" content not suited for new editors
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User story & summary:
  • As a Wikimedian interested in newcomer retention, I want new editors to receive high-quality Suggested edits, because good suggestions will help them succede and continue to contribute.
  • As the Growth team Product Manager, I want communities to to have the power to customize Growth features to be culturally appropriate, because those decisions should be made by communities not WMF.
Background & research:

This task is important because this is the main concern mentioned by communities in the recent section-level community consultation.

In a recent evaluation of section-level image suggestions, reviewers found that about ~.07% of images in the recent evaluation were considered offensive (T330784).

If we proceed with this task, we should be cognizant that although this feature would be good intentioned, it could unintentionally lead to censorship or bias.

Scope: This task is limited to allowing communities more control over the "add an image" suggestions that are surfaced as a Suggested edit to newcomers.



Acceptance Criteria:

Solution should be community configurable, and will need to be discussed with Growth Pilot Wikis before work is started.

Given I'm a user with extended rights who can update Special:EditGrowthConfig,
When my community has agreed that certain images aren't appropriate for new editors,
Then I can make updates to Special:EditGrowthConfig to filter the images so they don't appear as Suggested edits