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ISA down 503
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When launched, ISA is not working with a 503 service temporarily unavailable

Wilson is providing a live demo tomorrow Thursday and invitations have already been sent...

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When I tried it out about 15 minutes ago, it seemed to work and I could navigate through the campaigns, but I got the "Oops, something went wrong" message, when trying to save my tags. So I can confirm that it is not working for me neither.

I tried a dozen of times throughout the day. The main page load. When I click on explore campaigns, I get a 100% time « oops »

Can the previous version of ISA be restored please ?

Side note: translatewiki is pointing out that the footer of the new version seems to be inappropriately set up.
See here :

Hi, I tested the ISA Tool today (campaign 187), and I keep getting the error described above: Whenever I try saving the page after adding or removing tags, I am getting the "Oops, something went wrong" message.