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Not all checkboxes converted to toggles in mobile preferences
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Should be fixed by the commit a8166fad this week.

We are now infusing more checkboxes, but as we discovered in T336933 that preferences with manually infused checkboxes are difficult to cleanly replace with toggles.
For example, the individual beta feature enable/disable controls are still checkboxes. I believe this issue is adequately mitigated to cover most use cases, but think it should still be considered as part of the larger question posed in the parent task about how worthwhile the checkoxes are given the underlying compromise of replacing ui elements.

Quite a bit of time has passed and we haven't heard any complaints about this since our last round of mitigation. I'm declining this task and closing out the parent as resolved, since we don't have anything more to say and aren't planning on working on it in the near future. If circumstances require reconsideration, we may reopen this in the future.