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librsvg 2.44.10 causes a regression: <text> with text-anchor="middle" and multiple <tspan>s is misaligned
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Steps to replicate the issue (include links if applicable):

What happens?:

  • The text labels overlap with the shapes.

What should have happened instead?:

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sixth power example_svgcheck.png (400×400 px, 27 KB)
20230515045519!Sixth_power_example.svg.png (400×400 px, 24 KB)
Sixth power example_librsvg.png (400×400 px, 25 KB)
Sixth power example_rendersvg.png (400×400 px, 122 KB)
Sixth power example_Inkscape.png (400×400 px, 27 KB)

Screenshot_20230521_003321.png (758×1 px, 306 KB)

A haphazard build of 2.56.0 does not show this issue. See build instructions in

1.png (2×2 px, 219 KB)

Renderer miscalculates the width of a text chunk.

See T97233

Instead of using the width of all constituents of the text chunk, librsvg uses the width of the last constituent.

For OP's first example, text-anchor: end; was in effect for

<text x="340"  y="180"><tspan >4</tspan><tspan dy="-1ex" font-size="80">3</tspan></text>

Width used is just of the second tspan, so the current position is only adjusted by the width the "3" rather than "4" and "3".

More tests are at

Gnome fixed this bug two years ago. They apparently fixed it in both the C and Rust versions then. It has reappeared on MW because we went from a recent C version to an old Rust version.

So I see this issue as a dup of T97233