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Make ABRequirement aware of URL params
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Currently, when an AB test in Vector is enabled, the related URL feature flag doesn't work for people outside the treatment bucket. e.g. if you are not seeing Zebra by default, you can't see it.

e.g. the following configuration in production is meant to enable the Zebra AB test on hewiki, but as a side-effect, it also disables the feature flag ?VectorZebraDesign=1 everywhere.

'wgVectorZebraDesign' => [
	'default' => [
		'logged_in' => false,
		'logged_out' => false,
	'hewiki' => [
		'logged_in' => true,
		'logged_out' => false,
'wgVectorWebABTestEnrollment' => [
	'default' => [
		'name' => 'skin-vector-zebra-experiment',
		'enabled' => true,

Instead, the ABRequirement class should be made aware of the feature flag, and the AB test should be disabled for a request that contains the feature flag in the URL params.

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This is no longer relevant. Closing this.