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Archive the GWToolset extension
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Undeployed, broken, no use outside of Wikimedia Commons: T270911: Remove GWToolset extension from Wikimedia Commons.

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repos/releng/release!31drop-gwtoolsetmainjforrestermake-release: Stop branching GWToolset
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T270911: Remove GWToolset extension from Wikimedia Commons
T326177: Special:Log/gwtoolset emits DB Query Timeout Error
T67069: Add support for embedded IPTC data to the GWToolset
T60510: Implement support for csv/tsv in GWtoolset
T71688: GWtoolset: Project link broken on Special:GWToolset broken for translation
T125202: GWToolset displays the ' character as an Ampersand '&' in the preview of the Global categories field
T596: Include templates into the multimedia vagrant role
T60511: Add support for fetching remote metadata files in GWToolset
T60512: Add OAI-PMH support to the GWToolset
T60513: Add opensearch support to the GWToolset
T61193: GWToolset should be able to handle xml attributes
T66061: GWToolset should allow for fixed, plain-text values during mapping
T67070: GWToolset should have an option to not rename files automatically at upload times
T70759: gwtoolset invalid xml file screen should be more descriptive
T71058: Files uploaded with GLAMWikiToolkit should be filterable in Latest Files
T71178: GWToolset should not upload files with a repeated extension
T71241: Unit test, using WikiImporter fails to create templatedata
T71236: Make C0 and C1 control characters into their windows-1252 interpretation automatically
T88957: Upload images to Commons using description provided in spreadsheet.
T90539: GWToolset names all files as Array.jpg
T91499: GWT should url-encode URLs if necessary
T100972: GWToolset needs cancel functionality
T193526: Re-implement GWToolset ontop of FileImporter
T93581: GWT "Force upload new version" should always work
T114099: Could GWToolset upload faster please?
T60509: GWToolset metadata input tracker
T60490: GWToolset should be able to handle nested xml elements
T60507: Add pretty json output to the GWToolset namespace
T63388: GWToolset should allow to add “Item specific categories” with the metadata field at an arbitrary positions
T63389: GWToolset should allow wrapping metadata values during the metadata mapping
T67170: GWToolset should have helper (tooltip or so) inferred from TemplateData descriptions
T69144: GWToolset should send echo notification on success/failure
T73527: GWToolset uploads files without file description pages
T70282: GWToolset throws error with file too long only in some circumstances
T70577: GWToolset should report that it skipped a file because it was a duplicate
T70882: support for server-side uploads (direct from HDD shipment)
T125203: Harmonize the format expected for templates in the various GWToolset fields
T67319: Delete temporary files as soon as they are not needed
T90887: GWT created a page that had "�" in the text
T70285: GWToolset fails to upload files and throws no warning
T77522: Write unit tests for GWToolset
T159478: GWtoolset adds superfluous template fields
T166797: GWToolset message double-parsing issue
T203453: Non-boolean result returned by job: gwtoolsetUploadMediafileJob
T181347: GWToolset fails if the remote server does not support HTTP HEAD
T231560: GWToolset error with 'item specific categories' on Wikimedia Commons Beta
T248144: Special:GWToolset error parsing failure
T277944: Address Voice and Tone issues in GWToolset
T262137: The media file URL could not be evaluated: Error fetching URL: SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired
T323327: Drop use of jQuery.UI in GWToolset
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T270911: Remove GWToolset extension from Wikimedia Commons

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Change 925780 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jforrester; author: Jforrester):

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Change 925780 merged by jenkins-bot:

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2023-06-01T13:48:21Z] <James_F> doc: sudo -u doc-uploader rm -rf /srv/doc/cover-extensions/GWToolset/ for T337062