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Reindex Turkish wikis to enable improved apostrophe handling
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The Turkish-language wikis got reindexed after the unpacking update but before the new Turkish plugin was deployed (as part of a general reindexing).

We can't track the unpacking impact, but we can still see the new plugin/better_apostrophe impact.

8 wikis to reindex.

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Only looking at changes from the better apostrophe handling, because everything else got reindexed as part of reindexing all wikis for another project before the Turkish plugin was deployed. At least we tested the fallback config for when the Turkish plugin is missing, and it worked just fine!

  • No meaningful changes to ZRR or top result for this sample of queries.
  • Good changes to queries getting both more results (improved recall—Italian oggetto matching all'oggetto) and fewer results (improved precision—l no longer matches l'administration).

Full write up on MediaWiki.