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Discuss and agree on an SDC data modeling convention for the case where a Commons file is a digitized musical piece
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We haven't yet fully figured out yet, nor agreed, on data modeling for those cases where a Commons file is a digitized piece of music. Basically, an SDC variant of the Template:Musical work Wikitext template.

In some cases, the digitized musical piece may not have - and probably isn't notable enough to justify creating - a Wikidata item. The typical FRBR-like complexity of musical works will play a role in creating good data modeling conventions.

Let's talk about proposals and agree upon a solution for this, which can then also be used as a template / best practice in upload tools, and can be used for the creation of simplified/minimal Lua-driven SDC-powered infobox templates (in particular Lua-fication of Template:Musical work).

Event Timeline

It would be very helpful to find some examples of files to try to model. Digitized recordings of older but notable songs? Maybe members of Wikidata-WikiProject-Music have suggestions?