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Author: philinje

This needs some UX design and more discussion, but here is a start:

In WAP browsers, the first page could be similar to the current first page, with simplified infobox content and the article intro, but then the top article headings are converted to links and simply presented as a list. This is similar to how the section headings appear on smartphones, but the difference there is the headings can be open and closed.

This would achieve a form of article summary, which was one of the main requests from the India and Brazil research.

One refinement to this idea is to limit the length of the infobox content and intro to so many characters, with a link to "more" at the end of each section.

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T36000: Wikipedia Zero (tracking)
bzimport set Reference to bz31714.

philinje wrote:

*** Bug 31612 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

philinje wrote:

If there is a general move toward limiting the initial article download by not downloading the content of the sections, that would help.

Possibly this becomes a priority for Max?

Too fluffy and unclear what needs to be done. Closing.

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