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àéè unsupported in internal links in 1.4beta5
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Author: cmietlicki

Writing [[bac à sable]] for example does not work due to parser modifications (sorry,
I'm french).
It was ok in 1.3.8.
When clicking on the link, it goes to a "bad title" page.
When moving the mouse on the link, it writes "bac àsable" which may be an indication.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC


TitleReferenceAuthorSource BranchDest Branch
Use new Gitlab JWT mechanismrepos/releng/buildkit!54dancywmf/v0.12-I365eddd13a865584afb54c1d2cc08f2f29abf3e0wmf/v0.12
README: reflect change to allow multiple JWT issuersrepos/releng/jwt-authorizer!16jnucheupdate-readmemain
JWT issuer: allow for multiple valuesrepos/releng/jwt-authorizer!14jnuchemutliple-issuersmain
use latest version for the base Kokkuri imagerepos/releng/kokkuri!86jnucheupdate-used-image-versionmain
jwt: replace deprecated `CI_JOB_JWT` variable with an ID tokenrepos/releng/kokkuri!85jnuchejwt-deprecated-part-deuxmain
Revert "jwt: replace deprecated `CI_JOB_JWT` variable with an ID token"repos/releng/kokkuri!84jnucherevertmain
blubber: add missing Go toolchain package to `build-deb` variantrepos/releng/jwt-authorizer!13jnuchefix-deb-targetmain
JWT issuer: hardcode transitory check for ``repos/releng/jwt-authorizer!11jnuchemultiple-issuersmain
jwt: support both `CI_JOB_JWT` and id tokensrepos/releng/kokkuri!83jnuchesupport-multiple-jwt-typesmain
add support for multiple JWT issuersrepos/releng/reggie!74jnuchesupport-multiple-jwt-issuersmain
build: Publish test coverage report when merging into the default branchrepos/abstract-wiki/wikifunctions/wikilambda-cli!11jforresterT337425-coveragemain
remove signal file to skip venv checkrepos/releng/train-dev!23jnucheremove-venv-signal-filemain
startup: stop checking for a Python venvrepos/releng/scap!157jnuchestop-checking-for-venvmaster
gitlab-ci: doc publishing job needs doc building jobrepos/data-engineering/eventutilities-python!76gmodenaT337475-fix-doc-cimain
Fix a problem with the hive buildsrepos/data-engineering/bigtop!4btullisfix_hive_buildbranch-1.5
Configure oozie builds to use archivarepos/data-engineering/bigtop!3btullisfix_oozie_buildbranch-1.5
Update the version to slf4j-reload4jrepos/data-engineering/bigtop!2btullisfix_hbase_buildbranch-1.5
Add a new build script to allow us to rebuild bigtop easily for WMFrepos/data-engineering/bigtop!1btullisupdate_bigtop_1.5_buildbranch-1.5
Publish HTML docs to doc.wikimedia.orgrepos/data-engineering/eventutilities-python!67gmodenaT337475-publish-docsmain
publish HTML docs to doc.wikimedia.orgrepos/data-engineering/eventutilities-python!64gmodenaT337475-publish-docsmain
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I can't reproduce it with current 1.4 version (that should be beta6 soon).

Please give us a link to a page showing the problem, for now it seems
to just work.