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Add column "Last hit" on table of Special:AbuseFilter
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Author: anderson.kleiner

In wikis with many tens of filters or more, could be a great help on management to see direct at the list when an specific filter did its last hit. This way, a comparison between the columns "last hit" and "hit count" could show filters who once were very active but stopped working for any reason from date described on "last hit".

Today, all we can do is only open every filter log to see this information, one by one... Very annoying. =P

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Severity: enhancement
See Also:
T57459: Include "condition limit consumed" column in AbuseFilter list


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Test jqlebra and fix some bugs encountered along the way.repos/abstract-wiki/ci-images!8apineapine-test-jqlebramain
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By the looks of it, we don't store which rule(s) was triggered to block an action

anderson.kleiner wrote:

I'm sorry, i didn't get it. Are you saying the abusefilter do not store which rule was the one who triggered a specific hit (any match, not only blocks)?

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