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Implement Confetti Animation on Publish Confirmation
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The Confetti animation will be displayed upon successful publishing of a Wikistory. It should provide a celebratory visual feedback to users and enhance their experience. The animation will consist of colorful confetti falling from the top of the screen to the bottom.

Design details
01 Publish screen with Confetti.png (780×360 px, 44 KB)
  • Upon successful story publishing, the Confetti animation is triggered to celebrate the achievement.
  • Confetti animation starts from the top of the screen and falls towards the bottom.
  • Confetti animation lasts for around 5 seconds, confetti particles fall at a moderate speed.

Note: The Confetti animation should be an additional enhancement to the Publish Confirmation screen. In case the animation is not supported or disabled, the Publish Confirmation message should still be displayed without the animation.