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Integrate Freedom and Program metrics into EL Looker dashboard
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Dependent on T337262 & T309277

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Updated: Programs metrics have been integrated into the dashboard data source.

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@JAnstee_WMF I have updated the dashboard and the data sources with the new metrics. Please review and confirm.

Note: We have maxed out on optional metrics for the following:

  • Presence & Growth
    • Geo chart: no space for both Freedom and Access metrics
    • Tree map: no space for Freedom Metrics
  • Compare Regions: no space for Programs, Freedom, and Access metrics

@KCVelaga_WMF Looking good! Given limitations, let's (1) leave the Geo chart metric options as is - folks can click to see those facets for any country. For the tree map, let's go with including only the access growth and freedom growth and dropping the presence metrics from the optional metrics for the tree chart and compare regions page.

For compare regions, let's drop access presence to include programs.

Made the changes to the dashboard.