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Temp to check if the section exists cause "Pages transcluding nonexistent sections"
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What the way you suggest now to check if a section is exists (like the parser function "#exists:")?

Untill now we used on the Hebrew Wikisource a template for this purpose, that contain the idea of


but now we have 53,000 pages and 16,000 categories on "category:Pages transcluding nonexistent sections". Is there any advice or a build-in solution, how to check it without the problem?

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Hi @Shalomori123. This does not sound like something is wrong in the code base (a so-called "software bug"), but instead like a support request (how to change settings, questions how to do something, etc.).
As Wikimedia Phabricator is for bug reports, enhancement requests, and planning work, please check and/or use for questions about Wikimedia wikis. Thanks for your understanding!

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I'm reopening this as it seems like a valid feature request to me - there should be a way to check whether a section exists without populating a tracking category if it doesn't, and there isn't (other than hacks like this).