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Add revert scorecard to Personalized praise module on Mentor dashboard
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As a Mentor, I want see a mentee's revert data, because I need to know that before I consider sending praise.


In a Community consultation about Personalized Praise ideas, some mentors mentioned that they would prefer being able to see the number of reverts the newcomer had received:

I’d like to customize how many reverts the newcomer can have. Zero is too little – I’ve seen newcomers creating a nearly-perfect article, while still having few edits reverted.
I don't have enough information (like reverts) to make a decision to send praise

The personalized praise idea is part of a larger Growth team Positive Reinforcement effort.

Proposed design

We will be adding a new scorecard with the number of reverted edits a newcomer has. This scorecard is using the editUndo icon.

Personalized praise_ Revert data (1).png (517×448 px, 36 KB)

Figma design

Acceptance Criteria:

Given I'm a mentor viewing my Mentor dashboard's "Send praise" module,
When I have a praiseworthy mentee,
Then there is a "Reverted edits" scorecard that shows the total number of edits reverted associated with the mentee's account

Given I'm a mentee viewing my Impact module
Then I do not see this new "Reverted edits" scorecard

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