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IP Masking on iOS: Log in and create account
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Summary of updates

Outlined below are proposed updates to the iOS log in and create account flows. These updates were made to reflect proposed changes on desktop web related to IP masking work. Text in the screens below comes from proposed strings in the IP masking Figma file and may be subject to change.

Relevant links

Proposed designs

Log inCreate accountCreate account - blocked characters
image.png (1×750 px, 102 KB)
image.png (1×750 px, 134 KB)
image.png (1×750 px, 182 KB)
Shown when a user with a temporary account goes to log inShown when a user with a temporary account goes to create a new accountShown after a user submits a username with blocked characters / strings


  • What characters / strings will be blocked will be determined by AHT and this ticket / validation text will need to be updated to reflect the final decision AHT makes.

Event Timeline

Is there a reason that "will not be carried over" is used here instead of "will not be attributed"? I'm a native English speaker so I can't really speak for those who have it as a second (or third) language, but it seems like it makes sense to remove any potential confusion and ambiguity with the wording - especially for those people. Obviously this isn't just limited to the mobile site/app, but I'm not sure where else this is being discussed.

@JaydenKieran thanks for taking a look at this ticket. I believe this copy was updated by the Growth / AHT teams after usability testing: