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QuickSurveys: Improve wording of external surveys answers
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Currently it isn't possible to use custom answers with QuickSurveys external surveys. See: T316911

Screenshot from 2022-09-01 18-51-50.png (354×319 px, 28 KB)

The issue is that the the response rate for those surveys is usually quite low (0.4%) and a simple and straightforward wording may encourage participation.

We propose to replace:

  • ext-quicksurveys-external-survey-yes-button from Visit survey to Yes
  • ext-quicksurveys-external-survey-no-button from No thanks to No

For the past year, at least, all of the external surveys exhibited at the official wikis were from Design Research. We think this change will be an improvement and, hopefully, will result in us reaching our participation goals with less exhibitions.

Event Timeline

Change 923437 had a related patch set uploaded (by DDesouza; author: DDesouza):

[mediawiki/extensions/QuickSurveys@master] Improve wording of external survey answers

Change 923437 abandoned by DDesouza:

[mediawiki/extensions/QuickSurveys@master] Improve wording of external survey answers


Change 942630 is preferable

No message fits all cases. Yes and No doesn't make sense with the default question: ext-quicksurveys-example-external-survey-question = We need your help improving {{SITENAME}}.