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API requests fail on SSL
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SSL POSTs to /w/api.php are getting "400 Bad Request".

Sample POST:

Note that I've since changed my password.

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Seems this is only a problem with HTTP/1.1 requests. HTTP/1.0 requests work properly. I can't figure out why. I'll investigate this more.

Actually, I take this back. I tested this, and it's all working for me.

I just tested logging in to via the API ( and it seems to be working fine for me. Are there (still) steps to reproduce a failure? Otherwise, I'm inclined to mark this bug resolved as "fixed" or "worksforme."

I wonder if this could be caused by how my client is doing SSL using gnutls-cli. I'll try with openssl.

Yep, openssl works. I'll have to check gnutls-cli.