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Request creation of krehel VPS project
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Project Name:

  • krehel

Wikitech Usernames of requestors:

  • Dušan Kreheľ <Dusan_Krehel>



  • [Article] – now my plan is to use some statistics in the Wikipedia Signpost article.
  • Wikipedia/-es – enwiki, dewiki, skwiki and more Wikipedia with shorted code suffix ended with "wiki".

For example, my experience:

Brief description:

  • Analyzes:
    • Software:
      • My created software.
      • Environment:
        • C with GNU extensions
        • PHP (php-cli, php-mbstring, php-intl).
        • parallel, screen, pv
        • get/curl
        • another, the standart Linux enviroment

Difficulty (in rough):

  • §1
    • Minimal difficulty:
    • 2 thread cores, 35GB HDD, 1 GB RAM
  • §2
    • Minimal difficulty:
    • 2 thread cores, 35GB HDD, 2 GB RAM
  • §3
    • Quite demanding for large Wikipedias. Preferably multi-threaded processing.
    • More (=faster) thread cores, 100GB HDD, minimal 4 GB RAM
  • §4
    • a) daily statistic
      • 3 thread cores, 70 GB HDD, 2GB RAM
    • b) hourly statistic
      • 4 thread cores, 1T GB HDD, 3GB RAM

How soon you are hoping this can be fulfilled:

  • I am not forced by any third party to have it as soon as possible. When it will be, it will be.

Event Timeline

Hi @Dusan_Krehel, we generally do not grant Cloud VPS projects for single user development use. The reasoning is that Cloud-VPS virtual machines are a constrained resource, and we do not have the ability to provide a VM for any and all Wikimedia technical contributors for personal use. See for more information.

To expand on @Aklapper's comment -- the distinction (for me) is whether the application involves community collaboration, or if the project is essentially a 'laptop in the cloud'. If you're doing things that you could easily do on a local box then we're unlikely to approve. If, on the other hand, you need public-facing things or persistent services (a web service, a subscription to an external event stream, a project that has more than one person working on the same host) then we would be more likely to consider it as a cloud-vps candidate.

The project sounds interesting, and on-mission! We'd just like to confirm that we're the right home for it.

Perhaps some of the tasks could be run on Toolforge?

@EpicPupper: How are the storage limits for the Toolforge?

bd808 added a subscriber: bd808.

Closed for inactivity. Please do reopen when you are ready to engage with questions about the necessity of Cloud VPS vs Toolforge and how this project would not be a "laptop in the cloud" and instead invite collaboration from other Wikimedia technical volunteers to solve problems for the movement.