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Design Research: Non-Editing Participation
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In support of T337522 , the WMF Design Strategy team is undertaking a design research project that intends to (A) surface opportunities for NEP avenues shown to be effective in other sites and communities, and (B) explore the concepts underlying the mockups and prototypes intended to emerge from T337522.

Research Questions for (A)
  • What types of engagement are other similar sites/organizations deploying for their readers’ benefit?
  • Where might the WMF present readers with opportunities for making non-editing contributions?
    • How did readers/users respond to the additions?
  • What types of engagement has the WMF deployed previously to positive feedback and user uptake? (e.g. night/dark mode on apps)
  • What other opportunities exist and how can we best evaluate their efficacy in increasing reader engagement?
    • How do we measure the reader engagement metric?
  • What insights can be gained from non-English reading markets?
Method for (A)
  • Background research and literature review—what does existing scholarship and industry research have to say about non-editing (or non-productive) participation in online peer production communities such as Wikipedia?
  • Comparative analysis of other platforms—what can be learned from other platforms? What options do readers on platforms have to participate, either individually or in collaboration with other readers?
    • Examples: Kindle, Medium, Reddit, etc. We are looking for sites with user communities and long-form reading content, where users can engage in actions such as highlighting, sharing, liking/loving/thanking, linking, making/sharing lists, etc. - any actions short of creating content.
  • Interviews with WMF employees—throughout the project period, the researcher(s) will be expected to periodically meet with suggested WMF employees across the many Foundation teams that have an interest in readers and reader participation. These interviews are intended to both guide the other avenues of research, as well as to help centralize internal WMF knowledge about this topic.


Due Date
Feb 29 2024, 5:00 AM

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Moving out of sprint due to scheduling.

This is a carryover project from the Q2 objectives.
What was achieved:

  • Usability Tests in Arabic and English Wikipedias

What's left to do:

  • Analysis and Synthesis

[Note for the research team]

Information analysis in both Wikipedias (Arabic and English) is ongoing.
Mike will be out for the remainder of the week, so the deck (findings doc) will start next week.

Final deliverable:

I've added a summary and link to the final report from the associated project page:

@MRaishWMF from the Growth perspective, I consider this task resolved, thank you! (But feel free to reopen this task if you need it to track any future work (further sharing of this report, etc.).