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Brazil card donors routing to Adyen?
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Adri and @krobinson heard from a donor in Zendesk #1315504 cid=1911896 that they got an unanticipated fee for their card donation. Their donation was via Adyen rather than dLocal, invoice 177214046.1. We searched Civi for Adyen + BRL this week and there are 1481 donations, which seems like a lot? This Task is a request to check to see whether something on our end is unintentionally routing Brazil card donors to Adyen (with the goal of minimizing donors receiving extra fees).

The contribution tracking ID for cid=1911896 is C2223_ptBR_m_FR B2223_0530_ptBR_m_p1_lg_txt_cnt_optIn1

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Hi @MBeat33, are there any similar cases for Mexico? Or is it just Brazil?

@Mbearden @Pcoombe I saw this in testing for BR and MX as I shared in Asana.

@Pcoombe there are 967 in MXN via Adyen this week

utm_source on cid=1911896 indicates it was through Google Pay, which is still supposed to be using Adyen right?

This query should be finding all trxn_id's which start with "ADYEN" and grouping by method. Only Apple Pay and Google Pay, and they seem to match the numbers given above.

SELECT country, SUBSTRING_INDEX(utm_source, '.', -1) AS method, COUNT(
FROM civicrm.civicrm_contribution c
  LEFT JOIN drupal.contribution_tracking t ON = t.contribution_id
WHERE ( country = 'BR' OR country = 'MX' )
  AND trxn_id LIKE 'ADYEN%'
  AND receive_date > '2023-05-30'
GROUP BY country, method;
BR	apple	583
BR	google	918
MX	apple	516
MX	google	451

If these methods are resulting in unexpected fees, perhaps we should consider disabling them for these countries?

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Setting UBN! per Evelyn in IRC, moving to Chaos Crew board. Standup is in 10 minutes to discuss.

Here are the transactions over the last 7 days that have cleared for Mexico through Adyen (excluding today):

image.png (436×1 px, 55 KB)

Here are the transactions over the last 7 days that have cleared for BR through Adyen (excluding today):

image.png (467×1 px, 51 KB)

I see Visa and MC in addition to Apple Pay and Gpay.

On two I looked at in the console it shows Visa and MC as the Payment method but when you click into them it says Card type Apple Pay - Visa, Apple Pay - Mastercard.

Is there something different between payment method Visa card type Apple Pay and then payment method Apple Pay - Visa?

FRtech, I wanted to also point out that we are seeing decent VI/MC traffic through Dlocal as well over the last week as follows:

image.png (652×858 px, 70 KB)

@EMartin in that report you pulled ^ does it let you pull the card type along with the payment method? I'll look from our side too but I wonder how many are apple pay/google pay but labelled weirdly.

So just to be explicit, it appears this is working as intended; apple pay/gpay don't go through dlocal and instead use adyen.

Why do we see VI and MC in Adyen through these markets? Are you saying they are AP and GP transactions and not direct credit card we re seeing through Adyen? Why do we see VI/MC and AP and GP through Adyen?

@greg @Cstone @MBeat33 @Pcoombe @spatton @RKumar_WMF All, it seems we have no issue here, other than Adyen is flagging GPay/AP transactions as direct card in their systems (only sometimes). @MBeat33 Today we only support GPay and AP through Adyen so those transactions are correctly processing and will come with fees as they are cross border. Everything else through Dlocal looks solid. @Pcoombe can we remove AP and GP from the payment form so donors do not get the fees on these payment methods? @spatton Since everything is working as intended, I don't see a need to take the campaigns down. I have my case to petition for a future project to add AP and GP through Dlocal in the future possibly. I will also follow up with Adyen as to why they are labelling GP and AP inconsistently as direct cards in their systems and report here when I have that answer.

Thanks for the quick attention here all.

Glad it wasn't anything more serious. Thanks to all for the attention.

Thanks @EMartin and all for the clarifications, and +1 @greg

@EMartin I have removed those methods from banners (diff) and donatewiki (diff 1, diff 2) in Brazil and Mexico.

This does result in a far from optimal layout for the method buttons in banners with Paypal the largest, but it would require editing all the banners to fix so I'm not going to do that now.

Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 18.11.56.png (450×664 px, 37 KB)
Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 18.12.04.png (564×670 px, 48 KB)

Pcoombe claimed this task.

@Pcoombe Thanks so much for the fast effort here on a Friday night! Many, many thanks!

+1, thank you @Pcoombe for holding down the banner fort as only you can.

I appreciate everyone's work on this today!