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Empty <math> tag gives UNIQ
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Typing <math></math> gives: UNIQ6e8c92a14d4a1f19-math-00000026-QINU.

Granted an empty <math></math> pair is pointless, but one had somehow got into the wikitext of 'Central limit theorem' — see [[Talk:Central limit theorem#Rubbish in Multivariate]]

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Another example. Seems like the extension should check to see if it has anything before trying to render something.

Tagging easy since that seems like an easy check to make.

suhasmonk wrote:

Fix for the empty math tag

I have attached the patch for this bug. It fixes the bug by returning an empty string if the math tag is empty.


sumanah wrote:

Thanks for the patch, Suhas!

This bug seems to be a regression of bug 8372 "return nothing on empty <math> tags." / r18870 .