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Adoption request for eatchabot
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I request being added as a co-maintainer of eatchabot. The tools admin link is
Following the Adoption policy, I confirm that the current maintainer has been inactive for 28 days, per guc 1 and guc 2.
The current maintainer has have been notified on all of their:

  • wikitech usertalk pages, per here
  • homewiki usertalk pages (diff 1, diff 2)
  • I confirm that I have notified them via email
  • All of this was done 14 (or more) days ago and there have been no objections

Please could the TFSC :

  • check the tool's home directory for obvious secret information, following the Adoption policy instructions

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Cleaned up caches and secrets:

$ sudo -i -u tools.eatchabot
$ vim passwords/*  # and redacted the passwords there
$ find . -iname apicache-py3 -exec rm -r {} \;
$ rm -r .cache
$ rm -r .composer
$ rm -r .gnupg
$ rm .logs/rights_data.csv
$ rm .pywikibot/
$ rm .pywikibot/pywikibot.lwp
$ rm .pywikibot/pywikibot-UserRightsBot.lwp
$ rm .vim/.netrwhist
$ rm .viminfo
$ rm *.{err,out}
$ rm .bash_history
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@mdaniels5757 sorry for the delay, I have added you as tool manager for eatchabot after doing the password/sensitive information cleanup, thanks a lot for taking care of unmaintained tools!