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Make Extension:Nuke work with edits that aren't recent
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Sometimes a user can make edits that go unnoticed for a while, and Special:Nuke won't be able to find them because they aren't in the recent changes table anymore. I think it makes sense to have Nuke be able to deal with these cases;

I understand that maybe doing that would require rewriting significant parts of the extension. If someone can confirm this, please change the summary of this bug to a request for a new extension (similar to the request at T15601: New extension to one-click revert all of a user's actions in recentchanges).



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Can't you just raise $wgRCMaxAge? And if you can't, are you sure the reason is not precisely to avoid such long-spanning queries?

I don't think that would be the best approach. If the problem is long queries, I would expect that the sensible approach is to limit them by a maximum number of revisions to fetch, rather than the maximum age of such revisions.

After all, it is more likely that mass vandalism goes unnoticed in low-activity wikis which have few edits spread across a long period of time (which would be unnecessarily cut off from Nuke's reach due to their age), than in high-activity wikis where editors would eventually bump into, and revert the vandalism in the normal course of wiki maintenance.

Yes but older pages are also more likely to have subsequent revisions, that's probably the rationale. Anyway, I'm not qualified to answer on what's the best approach here, just reminding those who can do so that raising $wgRCMaxAge is a possible approach ( sets it at 5 years).