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[WtC] Evaluate and plan the creation of a library of LOD components
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The new scoped search solution for Wikidata, as well as some of the WiKit components that need to be replaced as part of the migration to Codex, are very specific to our “Linked open data” domain and therefore can't be considered "core". For that reason, they aren't available in the new library, and won't be integrated in it. These LOD-specific components are: ScopedTypeaheadSearch, Input with Extender, used to create DateInput, ExtendedNumberInput and QuantityInput. They are all used by the Query Builder tool.

Due to their idiosyncratic nature, we assume that, while they'll need to be built using Codex elements, these LOD-specific elements shouldn't be incorporated into the Codex library. This means that, as part of the migration process, a library of LOD-specific components might need to be created by WMDE. The assumption is that WMDE will need to carry the implementation of any existing and new LOD-components, and incorporate them for reusage in said library.

Acceptance criteria:

  • We validate the need to create a library of LOD components
  • We can define ownership and responsibilities around the implementation of the library
  • We can outline the process and estimate the effort required to set up this environment
  • Decisions and agreements are documented

Open questions: