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[SPIKE] What – if any – user-facing regressions might RESTbase deprecation have caused
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T320529 involves the work of switching VE from using RESTbase to Parsoid's backend.

This task involves the work with learning what – if any – user-facing regressions this migration might've introduced.

Decisions to be made

  • What – if any – further actions (e.g. investigation(s), optimization(s)) will we prioritize to understand and/or address regressions in the metrics named in the Learning objectives section below.

Learning objectives

  1. What – if any – changes in the following metrics has the switch from RESETbase to Parsoid's backend caused?
    • The median amount of time that elapses between when someone taps a Edit affordance and a VE-powered editing interface is ready for someone to begin an edit
    • The median amount of time that elapses between someone attempts to save the edit they've just finished making (e.g. they tap a Publish or in the case of the Reply and New Topic Tools, a Reply or Add topic button)