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Android app nearby me should have a mechanism to show more or fewer results
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Perhaps a slider that can be tweaked up or down to show more or less search results.

Version: 1.0.0 (Android)
Severity: enhancement



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note for the (planned) creation of milestones: this belongs in the
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philinje wrote:

Possibly this would be limited by area shown or zoom level first. On a related note, why is the initial view so zoomed out?

I think what would be good here is to display a circle around the current user position to show the radius of articles. Swipe gestures would increase/decrease the search radius and thus the amount of results of the screen

Status assigned, but no assignee - anyone taking care of this thing? If not, I might have a go at it.

Jeroen I think not but someone might correct me if I'm wrong. Attempts exist but I don't believe they settled the problem. It would be good to get some mockups and consensus first on how this might work before actually programming something.

Our app reloads pins as you move now. No point for this now.