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GDrive to Commons "Easy Edit" Feature Request
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The current way to edit meta-data about an upload is pretty straight forward and okay if you have one or two files to upload, but it becomes repetitive and a pain when uploading multiple files.

I was working on the documentation for the Google Drive to Commons tool, and decided to use it to upload my screenshots to Commons. I uploaded 10 images, and writing the meta-data for the images over and over again was a bit of a bother.

Google Drive to Commons Met a-data Field:

GDrive to Commons Uploader Meta-data.png (1×1 px, 767 KB)

I hereby request a feature that would make it possible to edit once for all file uploads or have default settings the user would setup one time(but I don't see a profile availability).

Link to GDrive to Commons:
GDrive to Commons - Click here