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🟩 Introduce the Discovery feature to the new page on Wikibase Cloud
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  • Aligns with Figma file font sizes and margins
  • Data should be refreshed daily
  • Layout of the Discovery Page tiles:
  • Filter options:
    • There’s a checkbox users can toggle to display only active Wikibases:
      • Guiding text: Show only filled Wikibases
      • When Checked: Display Wikibases with at least 2 pages (to filter out empty Wiki's or those with just 1 test page)
      • When Unchecked: Display all Wikibases
      • Default = Checked
  • Sorting options:
    • Alphabetically
    • By size (number of pages)
  • Pagination:
    • max. 8 tiles per page

Mobile friendly layout

  • Editorial Content is displayed first
  • Sort is displayed second
  • Checkbox is displayed third
  • Discovery feature tiles are stacked if necessary
  • Attention: All must be within the margins specified in the Figma file

Out of scope, later version:

  • Filter (needs data first, e.g. data type expansion)
  • Search (user need not clear yet - what to search for)
  • Descriptive text under image (needs data first)
  • Number of edits (user need not clear yet)

Event Timeline

Discussed this in technical backlog refinement (August 10, 2023)
This ticket cannot be picked up before being broken down further.

I'd propose slicing the backend part of this into the following tickets:

  • add a WikiStats model to the database and add a one to one field for the top level Wiki class (fields in WikiStats tbd in the ticket)
  • expose the data for all wikis on a new HTTP endpoint, e.g. /wikis (filter and query options tbd in the ticket)
  • create a daily Laravel job that polls for wiki stats and writes them to the database

which should allow us to serve all data required by the frontend.

In addition to that, create refactoring tickets for all occasions in API where mediawiki SQL databases are accessed directly and replace them with HTTP calls. These places still need to be investigated.

Deniz_WMDE renamed this task from Introduce the Discovery feature to the new page on Wikibase Cloud to 🟩 Introduce the Discovery feature to the new page on Wikibase Cloud.Aug 21 2023, 9:10 AM