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Allow groups to inherit permissions
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Author: cillimonber

Add wg variable to inherit group permissions, i. e. follow code:

$wgInheritGroupPermissions['sysop'] = array('editor');

And in Special:ListGroupRights MediaWiki displays simple "Inherit user rights of groups: Editors" instead of duplicate rights of "editor" group.

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Severity: enhancement



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cryptocoryne76 wrote:


Added a patch.


Reedy added a comment.Jan 16 2012, 3:52 PM

This is something that could ideally do with some unittests. Would you be able to write some for this cryptocoryne?

And I don't think it should be committed before 1.19 is branched, as it has the potential to have numerous unwanted side effects

Reedy added a comment.Jan 16 2012, 3:54 PM

Oh, also!

'listgrouprights-inherited' needs to be added to and it'd be nice to have qqq documentation for it also

A quick browse over the patch suggests it's reasonably sane

-patch, -needs-review: reviewed by Sam, I concur with his analysis.

John: Would you be able to write unittests?
Also, you are welcome to use Developer access

to submit an updated patch as a Git branch directly into Gerrit:

Putting your branch in Git makes it easier to review it quickly.

If I understand this request correctly, this is something that has already been done. Group's permissions can be inherited by assigning

$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']= $wgGroupPermissions['editor']