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Photo upload in mobile app using PhoneGap's Camera interface
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PhoneGap provides an abstracted camera interface for taking/retrieving photos; we can use this to do a basic file upload.

Requires authentication services etc to actually do an upload.

There are general issues with workflow, license input etc which may need to be ..... considered. :)

[A possibility is also something like making UploadWizard more friendly to running on tiny screens, and hook it up within the iframe in such a way that we can pass the file data from the PhoneGap side in through the iframe into UploadWizard, so we don't have to reimplement common logic about options and input requirements.]

Version: 1.0.0 (Android)
Severity: enhancement



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I began to write it for the codding challenge. Here is a first commit, with plenty of bugs :
I start a page on mediawiki :

philinje wrote:

I agree with Brion's suggestion of using a version of UploadWizard in a universal way. There will be other bugs about this over time.

Resolving as this is way too fluffy of a bug. Work is already progressing on something like this in