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Wiki Highlights (hypothesis testing)
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Linked to the Future Audiences bucket, we are testing the hypothesis:Test a hypothesis aimed at reaching global youth audiences where they are on leading third-party content platforms, to generate ideas for products we can build on or off our sites, which can help increase their engagement with Wikimedia content as consumers and contributors.


“If we offered automated, human-reviewed, visual article summaries generated from Wikipedia articles as an alternative reading experience for younger readers and have them indexed by viable search platforms (Google, Tiktok), we would be able to test whether their interactions with our content & projects would increase engagement. Human-reviewed summaries would be generated for multiple articles and surfaced to a group of readers on mobile, to evaluate their preference for different content formats and topics. We would evaluate if global youth readers show significant interest towards Wikipedia article summaries and measure engagement based on time spent, number of summaries consumed, summary completion rate and topics with the highest readership."

Why Wiki-Highlights?

Wikipedia articles are long and heavy on text, which no longer appeals to global youth audiences; therefore article summaries aims to reduce the time that would be needed to grasp lengthy pieces whilst maintaining the vital information for the said audience. Wikipedia needs to remain relevant with new generations of learners/ readers.
External trends show us that consumption patterns for global youth audiences is evolving rapidly and as a result affecting overall traffic to our projects. These patterns are showing up as:

  • Content formats > text, image, video, audio (static and interactive)
  • Content length > short form
  • Content destination > on search, socials and other 3rd party platforms.

What is a Wiki Highlight?

This is a concise overview of text generated from the lead and other sections of a Wikipedia article, combined with a relevant image, whose purpose is to highlight relevant facts from a lengthy paragraph.

  • An article can have several wiki-highlights; at least one per section of the article.
  • This overview consists of 2-4 sentences (<300 characters) of facts presented alongside a relevant image, sourced from Commons.

Goal of the experiment:

To test whether Wiki highlights is a viable, reading experience for global youth audiences on 3rd party platforms.

Who/ Audience?

For global youth audiences (18-24years old).

This epic covers all the efforts around:

  • Validating the hypothesis through developing a proof of concept to test with select audiences across different region/s.
  • Quantitative research efforts to evaluate the viability of this format.
  • Synthesised feedback and learnings that are shared with the rest of the Movement towards committed work under Future Audiences bucket 2023/24.

Event Timeline

Thank you for pinging @Aklapper; we might have some sort of a proof of concept (with only access to text under sections in Article and Talk pages) at: You can see a demo here as well. Would be great to take this forward!

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@Aklapper Sorry I missed this; the concept is the same but Inuka team is testing this as a hypothesis under Future Audiences KR2.1
At this stage, we are mostly interested in seeing if global youth would be interested/engage in this type content & format before we fully productize it.