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justify paragraphs pref adds extra space to category listing
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Author: Jason_quinn

Shows an example of a bug and how large the space can be

The spacing before the first category (under at least Vector) can be unnaturally large after the upgrade to MediaWiki 1.18.

This bug may require HotCat to be enabled and/or may be browser dependent. I see it under Firefox 3.6.23 under Ubuntu 10.04 LTS but not not under Chromium 14.0.835.202 (Developer Build 103287 Linux) Ubuntu 10.04.

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: normal


cat_problem.png (774×1 px, 128 KB)



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Jason_quinn wrote:

shows the same page under Chromium


cat_problem_chromium.png (846×1 px, 189 KB)

spacing isn't there for me when I add HotCat... Could you install firebug and see what is in that space? There is probably something else causing this.

Adding Lupo to cc-list. Given he appears to be the current maintainer of hotcat, I assume he'd want to know about this bug (hopefully I got the right lupo)

Also in the history of the gadget there is an edit summary: "Workaround for FF3.6 layout bug". Perhaps that's a fix for this bug(?)

Yes, you got the right Lupo.

No, the "Workaround for FF3.6 layout bug" was something else.

However, I cannot reproduce this using FF3.6.23 on Mac OS10.6. I don't see any extra space.

I also have not seen any other mention of this. Given that HotCat is used by tens of thousands of people (extrapolating from the more than 5000 alone on Commons that I know of), I usually get bug reports on-wiki pretty quickly at the Commons, or at the English or German Wikipedias. So I think this is not a general problem but something specific to Jason's setup.

Jason doesn't seem to use any user-specific JS or CSS. (At least, User:Jason_Quinn at the English Wikipedia doesn't. I hope that's the original reporter.)

Maybe caused by some other Gadget that Jason may have additionally enabled? Or client-side scripts (Greasemonkey?)?

Screenshot without HotCat, but with the "Justify paragraphs" user preference set

It's the "Justify paragraphs" user preference, which Jason evidently has enabled.

The white space also appears without HotCat. See the attached screenshot (this time with monobook).


No_HotCat_but_Justify_Paragraphs.png (671×1 px, 253 KB)

Confirmed this with justify paragraphs. I don't know if this is a regression, though, so low priority.

Yes, it is a regression. It's caused by the change to use a UL-LI DOM for the category list; this leaves the browser with just one blank to justify the text (after "Categories:").

The change to a UL-LI DOM was sound, but text justification should now be switched off for #catlinks in CSS.

btw, for reference this is hardly the only thing the justify pref screws up (For example, the (next 200) links on categories - but only on the image gallery section, the Date column of special:listfiles... I'm sure you could find more if you looked.

sumanah wrote:

Per IRC discussion today: this is a regression. Proposed Solution is CSS/JS and may happen in more places than just the category listing. But this is probably not significant enough to be something we need to deal with before releasing MediaWiki 1.18, so, removing the 1.18 release milestone.

sumanah wrote:

Per IRC conversation just now, Antoine aims to fix this. Thus, assigning to him.

Applied Lupo idea to skins/common/shared.css

Tested locally with Monobook and Vector and with languages French (left to right) and Arabic (right to left).

Would need a backport.

patch was applied with r102297. It needs a backport.