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[builds-api] Create GET /build endpoint to retrieve all the builds
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We want an endpoint to get the list of builds for a user.

This endpoint (that should be fully GET /v1/build on the API, and GET /builds/v1/build on the API-Gateway) will return the list of builds that a user has.

The current information we show on the client is:

tools.wm-lol@tools-sgebastion-10:~$ toolforge build list
run_image                            status    start_time            end_time              source_url                                      ref           repo_url                              image_name    image_tag    builder_image
wm-lol-buildpacks-pipelinerun-zlv84  ok        2023-06-22T09:56:58Z  2023-06-22T09:58:11Z                  tool-wm-lol   latest
wm-lol-buildpacks-pipelinerun-98ngd  ok        2023-06-22T09:32:09Z  2023-06-22T09:33:14Z                  wm-lol        latest
wm-lol-buildpacks-pipelinerun-46mjc  ok        2023-06-21T08:03:23Z  2023-06-21T08:04:27Z                  wm-lol        latest
wm-lol-buildpacks-pipelinerun-7t4rc  ok        2023-06-20T11:56:35Z  2023-06-20T11:57:47Z            test_aptfile  wm-lol        latest
wm-lol-buildpacks-pipelinerun-fkptr  ok        2023-06-20T11:54:06Z  2023-06-20T11:55:32Z                  wm-lol        latest
wm-lol-buildpacks-pipelinerun-h8fvn  error     2023-04-11T14:51:58Z  2023-04-11T14:52:19Z  no ref       wm-lol        latest

So we'd want something similar (we can trim down some things, and join others, for example return the expected image url instead of the parts).
Note that only source_url and ref are parameters for the POST /build endpoint, so the others are not user-provided anymore.


ReferenceSource BranchDest BranchAuthorTitle
repos/cloud/toolforge/toolforge-deploy!73bump_builds_apimaindcarobuilds-api: bump to 0.0.85-20230817105952-25c2b55f
repos/cloud/toolforge/builds-api!28add_get_builds_endpointmainraymond-ndibebuilds-api: Create GET /build endpoint
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