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Request creation of wikimania-mautic VPS project
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Project Name: wikimania-mautic

Wikitech Usernames of requestors: Robertsky

Purpose: Provision of an marketing automation platform to send emailers to Wikimanai 2023 participants/attendees.

Brief description: The current open source platforms (pretalx/eventyay) that we have gotten for Wikimania 2023 do not send out emailers beyond the basic needs (i.e. notification emails for registrations, spearker acceptance, etc.) In the previous years, the core organising teams of WIkimania had to manually construct email lists and do email blasts in Gmail, where the email is hosted. Mautic is an open source marketing automation platform that allows the COT to send customised emailers to the various groups of attendees, i.e. info packs for general attendees, info packs for speakers and/or staff.

Relevant links to Mautic details:
License: GPL v3


  1. Mautic 4.4.9 will be installed (5.x is still under development)
    • Latest MySQL GA version
    • Latest PHP 8.0 version
  2. All emails going out from Mautic will be configured to be sent through Gmail's SMTP relay service.
  3. Email address, names, and attendee types will be imported from the event registration platform, Eventyay. Registrants will be made aware that their data will be flowing into here for the express purpose of email communications for the event.

Administration of the project:
Primary contact: Robertsky (myself)
Access to the Mautic tool will be limited to Wikimania 2023 COT members and some WMF staffers (mainly @elappen-WMF and @LMccabe who are working with the COT on bringing Wikimania to fruition). (2024 COT members may be given access if requested as well for observation purposes.)

From now until October 2023 (two months after Wikimania 2023 ends).

Other notes:
I have looked into Toolforge, but with the user created database shared in a common server, there is a potential for PII data to be leaked. WMCS would be a more secure option.

Given that this is a short-term solution expressly for Wikimania 2023, I don't expect that the usage of the storage will exceed the disk quota of 20GB.

Provisioning for WMF's server might take a longer time than expected. If this request is not granted, we will likely fall back on doing email blasts on Gmail.

How soon you are hoping this can be fulfilled: This week.

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Robertsky renamed this task from Request creation of <PROJECT-NAME> VPS project to Request creation of wikimania-mautic VPS project.Jun 26 2023, 12:03 PM

Actually, we may need to evaluate the PII thing you mention a little more closer.

rook changed the task status from Open to In Progress.Jun 26 2023, 12:58 PM
rook claimed this task.

C'est fait!

root@cloudcontrol1005:~# openstack project create --description 'wikimania-mautic' wikimania-mautic --domain default
| Field       | Value            |
| description | wikimania-mautic |
| domain_id   | default          |
| enabled     | True             |
| id          | wikimania-mautic |
| is_domain   | False            |
| name        | wikimania-mautic |
| options     | {}               |
| parent_id   | default          |
| tags        | []               |
root@cloudcontrol1005:~# openstack role add --project wikimania-mautic --user robertsky member
root@cloudcontrol1005:~# openstack role add --project wikimania-mautic --user robertsky reader