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DiscussionTools mobile experience should not collapse sections if there is only 1
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Feature summary (what you would like to be able to do and where):
See, for example,Обсуждение_участника:Da1da1500

Benefits (why should this be implemented?):
By default, DiscussionTools collapses all sections no matter how many of them are on the page. I propose a small feature: to special-case not collapsing the section (or opening by default?) if there is only one present, since that would make a better experience for mobile users in cases where, for example, welcome messages are posted on their talk pages, requiring less action from them to read them.

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My recollection (refreshed from T321618 + T322628) is that we collapsed all sections automatically for consistency with the old MobileFrontend talk page overlay. (Mostly on the logic that MobileFrontend doesn't expose the table of contents, instead maybe-collapsing-sections depending-on-screen-size, and this doesn't work super well for talk pages given different reading needs.)

I guess the main argument against special-casing this is that it'd be inconsistent, and the reader might be unsure whether there are other sections on the page. (There's a minor technical concern about whether we actually know at the moment that class is added how many sections are on the page, but I'm sure it can be exposed.)

Another reason this should be done: I’ve recently visited English AfD discussion anonymously, for example:
and on mobile it is just a collapsed section that you have to uncollapse yourself. Browser somehow remembers that you uncollapsed it once, but that still needs to be done on every single AfD page, so I can’t imagine it not being at least a little bit frustrating.