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Permit some mentions from revert edit summary
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I wasn't notified of this edit even though my username was linked to in the edit summary:
The edit is tagged as mw-undo (vrácení zpět). For such edits, mentions from the edit summary are suppressed to avoid duplicate notifications ('you were mentioned' and 'your edit has been reverted').

However, when you undo an edit, you still can add custom text to the edit summary (even replace the preloaded one altogether), including a mention of another user (whom you might want to make aware of that). I think this is surprising and should be improved. Only mention to the user(s) whose edit is reverted should not be sent (in favor of the 'your edit has been reverted' notification).

Note that some edit summaries (e.g., rollbacks) by default mention the user who is the author of the original revision. IIRC, this was the reason for suppressing all notifications for mentions, and I agree we should not spam them with notifications because we cannot implicitly expect the revert concerns them, too. Those users should probably also be excluded.

Anyway, I'd like this to be reconsidered.