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Installer complains about Suhosin GET parameter limit even if it's >1024 bytes
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I am not sure if this has been fixed in the meantime.

Upon installing my wiki I get the following warning:

"Suhosin is installed and limits the GET parameter length to 2048 bytes. MediaWiki's ResourceLoader component will work around this limit, but that will degrade performance. If at all possible, you should set suhosin.get.max_value_length to 1024 or higher in php.ini , and set $wgResourceLoaderMaxQueryLength to the same value in LocalSettings.php"

Instead it should just say: "Suhosin is installed" since suhosin.get.max_value_length has a value >= 1024

Version: 1.17.x
Severity: normal



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Fixed by r101477 pending code review.
Asked for backport in REL1_18. I am not sure we will release any 1.17 bug fix release so I did not tag it for inclusion in 1.17.