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Add duplicate report entry detection
Open, MediumPublic


Ultraviolet currently does not stop a user if a user has been reported previously. This (obviously) leads to duplicate reports.


  • Detect if username-to-report is already on the page (and on the specific section marked by UV config)
    • Detection should be performed asynchronously and in the background, as soon as the user has been set (or when the dialog opens). (+1 parse&prop=sections,wikitext call, can be combined with above)
  • Add support for other sections *to check for* in UV config
  • Provide a snippet of the reporting comment (read whole line, strip leading asterisk or hashtag, if any), check if the reporter is a bot (+1 query call)
  • Add support for preconditions to check for in UV config
  • Add support to allow checking if user is blocked prior to reporting
    • If user is blocked, report details of block