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Onboarding for iOS Watchlist
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In order to ensure a seamless user experience for first-time users of the iOS watchlist feature, it's necessary to create an engaging and informative onboarding screen. This onboarding screen should guide the users on how to access their watchlist after they've added their first item.

The Task

  • We need to map out the user flow from adding the first item to their watchlist, encountering the onboarding screen, and finally navigating to their watchlist.
  • We should create a simple and intuitive onboarding screen to guide users to their watchlist after they've added their first item. The design should align with the existing UI/UX of our app.
  • For the content we need a copy writeup for content: Task is to draft the text content for the onboarding screen. It should be concise, informative, and friendly, guiding users to their watchlist + relevant graphics. @RWambua-WMF


  • Iterations: Based on the user feedback, iterate on the design until it meets the standards of the user experience and the aesthetics of the app.


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