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Math expressions are copied incorrectly
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There is this text on pageПи_%28число%29#Трансцендентность_и_иррациональность

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When I copied the second sentence, I got this

В 1996 году Юрий Нестеренко доказал, что для любого натурального

n числа
�\pi и

e^{\pi {\sqrt {n}}} алгебраически независимы, откуда, в частности, следует[6][7] трансцендентность чисел



�\pi +e^{\pi },\pi e^{\pi } и

e^{\pi {\sqrt {n}}}.

I assume, math copying should work different: it should not output "�" chars, newlines and should output math expression not as LATEX code, but as text, at least in simple cases, when it's possible. This expressions can be written as π+e^π, πe^π, e^(π*sqrt(n)).

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I don't see the ? chars, when pasting this into word.

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Certainly, the output is not correct.