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Run all maintenance files in --dry-run mode and see if there would be changes
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It looks like most of the PageTriage maintenance scripts in the maintenance folder are meant to fix SQL bugs that crop up over time.

  • make sure they all have a --dry-run mode that doesn't change anything, just shows how many changes it would make in non dry run mode. If no --dry-run mode, change the code to add a --dry-run mode.
  • add integration tests to make sure that --dry-run is actually dry run
  • identify which maintenance scripts are meant for fixing bugs, then run them with --dry-run and note which ones identify issues
  • make Phab tickets for those, to investigate and fix the root causes of the bugs

For example, running maintenance/cleanupPageTriage.php --dry-run will probably identify thousands of entries. See screenshot in T321982: Unexpected namespaces in pagetriage_page table

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I thought of a better idea. I looked up each maintenance script's first commit instead, which usually talked about the "why". Closing this in favor of other tickets/approaches.