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[OPS] not HTTPS enabled
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When trying to access via https:// (I just did a copy and paste of url), it throws up an authentication form for username and password with text "Nagios Access". I am not sure whether this is the expected behaviour.

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No, this is a bug. I've filed it in the ops team's RT tracker but it's not getting any love there so far.

(In reply to comment #2)

Link to RT ticket?

Ryan replied on Oct 3 saying the web server on spence isn't puppetized, no activity otherwise.

if the new "stat1" server currently being setup will host stats.wm, that should be resolved there soon. does not listen to HTTPS. Rephrasing summary.

I have created RT #4749 to request HTTPS for

Quick update from RT ticket:

DONE: Cert is purchased and in public repo in files/ssl/ . The key is in private repo.
TODO: The manifests for the stats.w.o site need to be updated in puppet to make use of the certificates. works but with the wrong cert. uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is only valid for

i don't see the Apache config for this in puppet. I just see the template for metrics.wm. Or where is it?

and then finally


08:12 < mutante> drdee: summary: (no cert error), (no cert error), -not using wildcard certs, -puppet run unbroken, -apache site is template

metrics.wikimedia and stats.wikimedia now both use their own certs, no "star" certs around here :)