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MobileFrontend has no link to activate the beta functions unless you read
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Kinda awkward to go searching for the tech blog; it'd also be nice to be able to get at beta mode on your own sites without remembering the magic string.

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There is an easy link for it. "" Later we can add something more prominent on the production site.

That link isn't discoverable anywhere in the interface; it also doesn't work on my local wiki where I test tweaks to MobileFrontend.

Created attachment 10375
Enable beta via query string

I'd like to suggest that including beta=yes in the querystring turns on the beta
This way it allows people to flick between the beta and normal version of the site and share links easily.

Are there any issues with doing this?
Please review my patch!


Im fine with that going in but that wont resolve this bug. We still need the new nav so that this is surfaced. Depends on

Now marking this as an enhancement as appending mobileaction=beta to the query string provides a quick way to test tweaks on local copies of MobileFrontend

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